Monday, 25 February 2013

Back on the River

February 2013
Back on the River

At last after weeks of floods and high water  we were able to shake off the cabin fever and head for the River  in mid Wales.
The water was still higher than normal for February but had lost all it's colour which had also been preventing us from chasing the Grayling.
With the levels being higher than normal we decided to czech nymph as there was also a cold easterly wind and obviously no sign of any fly life on the surface.
I started with a size 12 tungsten nymph with a bidoz body  on the point a size 18 pink nymph on the first dropper and a gold ribbed hairs ear on the top.
I started by fishing along the margins as the current in midstream was quite fast , after a couple of runs through I was in to a nice Grayling of around a pound and a half. Two or three casts later I was in again this one slightly heavier, I suddenly had this feeling that this was going to be one of those days that don't come around often enough.Sure enough another take but this one just stuck on the bottom I thought initially that I had been snagged but no it was definitely a fish and a large one at that.I shouted to my oppo who was fishing downstream of me to give me a hand netting it and he immediately waded out of the river and came hurrying along the bank with cries of don't lose it.
As soon as he had shouted one of the largest grayling I had seen on this river leapt out of the water shook its head and flopped back onto the surface and away. We both stood there speechless as it was definitely around the Three pound mark if not heavier.I did notice however that it had taken the middle dropper which was the size 18 pink nymph with pink tungsten bead this had also taken the two previous fish.
After I had calmed down we continued to fish down river with my oppo also tying on a pink nymph which was definitely doing its stuff.
Between us we landed around a dozen grayling with three or four around the two and half pound mark with the largest fish of the day easily a three pound grayling caught by my oppo ,yes you 've guessed it on the pink nymph.
At around two thirty in the afternoon they just switched off,this happens on many occasions and I have no idea why as there was no change in conditions perhaps someone could enlighten me as to why this should be.
After what had seemed an eternity away from the rivers this had made up for all the waiting.
Let's hope the weather stays dry and we can fit in a couple of more outings before the 16th March.
Tight Lines

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

British Fly Casting Club (BFCC) Wrexham 12th June.

Apart from the weather a great day was had by all.This was my first visit to the BFCC events as a new member.
Tuition for distance casting was readily available to all to help improve their technique and distance.
Various distance casting events were held which were intended to assist in improving personal best performances with badges being awarded for the different classes.I would certainly reccommend a visit to any of the future events.
Visit the BFCC web site at for a full list of results.
Thanks to all the committe for organising a very interesting event.


Sunday, 29 May 2011


I will be present on the GAIA stand on Saturday 18th June  At the Staffordshire County Show ground.If you are attending please visit me on the stand and learn more about the Game Angling Instructors Association and how it can help you to improve your Fly Fishing,Casting and Fly tying skills.
Look forward to meeting you.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Welcome to my Blog

  1. I  am a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) and a fully qualified Professional Game Angling Instructor (GAIC-Single Handed ).
About me.

I have been fly fishing for over forty years and   caught my first grayling on the fly while fishing the River severn in mid wales since that time my passion for the lady of the stream has continued to grow.I am a member of Caersws angling association and Corwen and District,both clubs have excellent waters on the Rivers Severn  and th eWelsh Dee.
I am also a member of the Grayling society, membership of the society provides you with an opportunity to make a direct contribution to the conservation of perhaps the finest of all game fish. I have a keen interest in all types of fly fishing and like to fish both rivers and stillwaters the latter mainly when the rivers are unfishable.
I live in Cheshire  and as a qualified game angling instructor I am able to offer tuition to improve your casting skills and to advise on all aspects of river fishing especially Grayling.
I will  be regularly updating my blog with news and reports of my fishing exploits so please keep in touch.

Thank you andTight Lines

Bernie Ratcliffe

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